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Nicole Pyles

I am a freelance writer based in Portland, OR. I have experience writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, social media posts, and web content.

If you are looking for a content writer, contributor to your blog, or need someone to manage your social networking accounts or blog, please reach out to me. I am also interested in helping develop web content or any other additional writing projects.



5 Strange Beers to Try for National Beer Day

Apparently today is National Beer Day. So in honor of the day, we have some pretty weird beers you may want to challenge yourself to trying out at least once. You may never drink them again, but they will make for an excellent story. Oh yes, this is definitely a thing. But sadly it only seems to be in the Chicago area.

Making the Most Out of Google Plus­the­most­out­of­google/ Link to Story

10 Book Titles That Would Make Hilariously Terrible Valentine Candy Hearts

I was perusing my GoodReads "to read" list and I spotted a couple of titles that I thought would make hilariously terrible Valentine's Day Candy Hearts. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to compile the ten best bad candy heart book titles I found (plus one bonus one) in honor of the day.

13 Literary Characters I'd Like to See on 'Dancing With the Stars'

We all know that the purpose of Dancing With the Stars is to turn around the career of a once-was celebrity or improve the career of a D-list celebrity. To be honest I don't think I've watched an entire season of this show, except I may have caught a few episodes at the gym, circa Kirstie Alley season.

My Writing Resume

This resume reflects my writing background and experience and the various projects I have had the chance to work with.

Where to Find Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

An article written while working with an SEO firm, this was a ghostwritten article which was later published under a client name.

Social Media tip: How to Successfully Participate in a Twitter Chat (or Twitter Party)

There are many reasons why you should take part in Twitter Chats if you are on Twitter. Some give you the chance to win prizes and others are simply a great way to engage with others with a similar interest and build your following. So here are some social media tips to help you if you've never done a chat before or if you feel like you aren't doing them right, there are certain things you can do to make sure you are getting the most of your chat.

Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

I’m taking a break from my usual book reviews to provide you with my gift list for the book lover in your life. I thought about doing a review on a holiday themed book, but for some reason the only books I could think of were a book that would make you cry, and another book that would scare your socks off (and we wouldn’t want that, would we?)

How to Finish Your Novel When You Want to Quit

Yesterday, I came across a job for a writer on Craigslist. The headline read, “Need help from a writer for my manuscript.”. It was a cry of desperation. They couldn’t finish editing it, the ad read. They were exhausted and needed help. It struck a chord with me. A part of me was dying to respond to the ad, not with a helping hand but rather a kind word to the writer.

Why Being a Ghostwriter isn’t as Soul-Sucking as You Think

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started down the path of “ ghostwriting “. To be honest, I did not like the idea. I despised the whole concept of allowing someone to put their name next to my work. I loathed plagiarizers in school. I was baffled at how they could use someone’s work like that and still sleep well at night.

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Nicole Pyles

I am a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. I have several years writing experience, including writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, and web content.

I have a background in writing about social networking, entertainment news, publishing industry, and lifestyle articles. Right now I am open to working with small businesses, magazines, bloggers, or newspapers and marketing agencies in need of writers.

Contact me for rate information and to discuss your writing and social media needs.



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